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At least 12 Ethiopian migrants die in Mozambique road accident
Suspected illegal migrants were in lorry ferrying tobacco when it overturned.
[East Africa News Post] 21/06/2018
Malawi:Security On Alert After Mozambique Attacks
[Nyasa Times] Government has said its security agents are on alert after Islamists attacks in Mozambique.
[AllAfrica] 21/06/2018
Mozambique:Ruling Party Split Over Govt Election Bill
[Mozambique News Reports And Clippings] The special session of parliament scheduled for today and Friday, 21-22 June, has been postponed, parliament's Permanent Commission announced late Wednesday...
[AllAfrica] 21/06/2018
HRW: Attacks in northern Mozambique kill 39 since May
Natural gas-rich Cabo Delgado has seen a string of assaults on security forces and civilians.
[East Africa News Post] 19/06/2018
Mozambique:Armed Groups Burn Villages
[HRW] Attacks by armed groups in Mozambique's northern province of Cabo Delgado have killed at least 39 people and displaced more than 1,000 since May 2018. Hundreds of families fled their villages...
[AllAfrica] 19/06/2018 | Top Africa story: Moz terror group, Donkeys in Africa
Panic has gripped northern Mozambique following a 'terrorist incident at a local supermarket', and donkeys are stolen and skinned in Africa to feed Chinese demand.
[News24] 16/06/2018 | Mozambicans fleeing jihadists seek refuge on resort islands
Fatima Uaide stands in the shallow, warm water of the Indian Ocean off the shore of northern Mozambique, waiting for a ferry to a tropical holiday island a few miles away.
[News24] 15/06/2018
Mozambique:Is Another Boko Haram or Al-Shabaab Erupting?
[ISS] A sudden upsurge in brutal violence in northern Mozambique, including the beheadings of women and children, has sounded alarms that a violent jihadist movement like Boko Haram or al-Shabaab...
[AllAfrica] 15/06/2018 | Top Africa stories: Zim land, Africa’s strongest man, Mozambique
A Former-Zanu-PF official is set to lose his 'grabbed' farm to former a white owner, and Cheick Sanou from Burkina Faso wants to be the world's strongest man.
[News24] 15/06/2018 | PICS: Panic grips northern Mozambique following 'terrorist incident at local supermarket'
Panic reportedly gripped northern Mozambique after reports of terrorists storming a supermarket emerged on social media.
[News24] 15/06/2018 | PICS: 'They severed his head': Survivors recount Mozambique attack
Survivors of the attack that struck a normally quiet corner of north Mozambique have described the panic after 20 men armed with guns, machetes and knives stormed Naunde village.
[News24] 14/06/2018 | Mozambique's jihadists terror group: Who are they and what do they want?
Mozambique has been rocked by a wave of knife and machete attacks in a remote northern region that it is hoped will become a natural gas hub to rival Qatar. Here is what is known about the jihadists...
[News24] 14/06/2018 | Opposition MDC 'is Zimbabwe's Renamo', claims war vets leader - report
Zimbabwe's war veterans leader Victor Matematanda has reportedly equated the main opposition, the Movement for Democratic Change Alliance to Mozambique's rebel group Renamo.
[News24] 14/06/2018
Who are the jihadists terrorising northern Mozambique?
The country has been rocked by a wave of knife and machete attacks.
[East Africa News Post] 13/06/2018
Court acquits Mugabe ally of illegal travel to Mozambique
Harare magistrate says former minster did a reasonable thing by escaping to save his life
[East Africa News Post] 13/06/2018

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